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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Gregoire Besson launches new Crossland range of mounted and semi-mounted stubble harrows

7th May 2015, Nottingham, UK - Gregoire Besson, the leading manufacturer of agricultural cultivation equipment, today announced the launch of its new Crossland range of mounted and semi-mounted stubble harrows. The new harrows come with a range of accessories that are designed for levelling and finishing and can be adapted for use in various conditions.

The new 3m mounted Crossland is versatile and comes with a choice of tines that are available in 230mm or 306mm spacing. It offers high clearance with 800mm spacing between the rows of tines and an impressive 700mm under beam clearance. The tines are the second generation of the Eurochisel tine with individual height adjustment (patent GB), all new cast and moulded parts and protection of the lower nut in the tine (patent GB).

The tine is capable of working to a depth of 300mm and has a trip loading of 450kg at the point as standard with an available option of 340kg. A wide range of wearing metal is available with a massive choice of wing and point options. Rear accessories include a single or double crumbler roller, following harrows or the new IMPAK roller. The IMPAK roller leaves a perfect consolidated finish in one pass with a choice of scrapers options to suit any soil conditions. As an option there is also a row of levelling tines or discs available to go in front of the rear roller.  On the 306mm spacing a large wing and point are standard to achieve maximum soil movement in one pass.

The new 1306 model will be on display at Cereals with 306mm spacing, rear levelling discs and an IMPAK roller.


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