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Monday, 10 June 2013

Grégoire Besson UK to launch the new Rabe Carry Bret at Cereals 2013

Grégoire Besson UK to launch the new Rabe Carry Bret at Cereals 2013 Grégoire Besson UK will unveil the latest addition to the Rabe range at this year’s Cereals event from 12th to 13th June at Boothby Graffoe in Lincolnshire. 

The Rabe Carry Bret tillage machine will be launched on stand 13-L-1313 at the show. The Rabe Carry Bret combines tines, discs and a rear packer, offering optimal performance for shallow or deep tillage. Available in 4m, 5m and 6m working width models, the Carry Bret is equipped with 8–12 tines to promote drainage and root penetration, 32–48 discs for mixing and chopping stubble, followed by a rear packer for a perfect finish. 

The single beam chassis with a 2.5m transport width, includes a hydraulic compensation ram with a rubber shock absorber on the front, allowing for greater weight transfer. A linkage drawbar also ensures greater maneuverability on the headland. 

The depth is controlled mechanically or hydraulically (as an option) from a choice of Crumbler roller, Diamond roller or Emopak F rear packers, ensuring precise working depth control, stability and weight transfer, irrespective of speed. Depth can also be controlled by the machine’s three wheels if the rear packer is not required. 

“Grégoire Besson and Rabe have worked together to develop the Carry Bret for maximum efficiency and optimal performance. The choice of rear packers offers versatility to cultivate in shallow or deep working conditions with exact depth control”, explains Managing Director of Grégoire Besson UK. 

“In addition to the Rabe Carry Bret, we will also be launching the new Grégoire Besson HR8 on land in-furrow plough, and a new ‘C’ safety device leg for the 6 and 8 range ploughs” Robin adds. 

Visit stand 13-L-1313 at Cereals for further information or call Grégoire Besson on (01778) 423787.

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