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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Gregoire Bessons Semi-mounted tined cultivator at Cereals 2011

Taking pride of place at this year's Gregoire Besson stand is the Eurocult 3000 stubble harrow tined cultivator. The semi-mounted Eurocult 3000 is suitable for tractors with 160hp to 400hp and is available from 5.30 to 8.05 m working width. The Eurocult 3000 has hydraulic, folding 3 section frame with a 3m transport width and no overhanging tine.

Managing Director of Gregoire Besson said: "The Eurocult 3000 represents a new generation of tined stubble cultivators. It offers an automatic self-levelling feature with integrated weight transfer provided by slave and master cylinders, and the depth control can be adjusted 'on the go' in the cab or set on a fixed stop."

The Eurocult 3000s robust chassis and tine features allows for stubble and deep cultivation of up to 30cm depth. The 700mm under beam clearance and 230mm or 306mm spacing between tines makes it ideal for use in dense trash.

The Eurocult 3000 is available from £32,000. Further information is available from Gregoire Besson on (01778) 423787.


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