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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Gregoire Besson launch new cultivator at LAMMA

Gregoire Besson will unveil a new min-till cultivator at LAMMA aimed at small to medium sized farms with tractors of 150 - 300hp. The new Combimix combines tines, discs and a packer in one mounted unit with a working width of 2.9m. What sets it apart from the competition is the choice of tines available.

Up front is a row of 5 tines to loosen soil below the pan to a maximum depth of 14 inches - depending on the tine selected. Choice of tines includes Michel 'Heliplow', standard Discordon, Eurocult or straight subsoiler and fixing choices include shear bolt, spring loaded or hydraulic auto reset. Secondly a double row of hydraulically depth controlled discs, with 2 discs mounted per bearing, chop, cultivate and mix trash residue. The discs have a spacing of 23cm and create a level tilth ready for the packer. The final stage is achieved with the rear mounted packer, which consolidates the ground leaving a level seedbed. There is a choice of packers to suit all soil types and ground conditions - including a 630mm steel 'Emopak profile' ring, 745mm steel 'Emopak profile' ring or 745mm rubber ring.

The depth of the machine is controlled by the hydraulically adjustable discs and the packer, these in turn set the desired depth of the front tines. With 'step less' control off the machine depth an accurate and precise working depth is achieved.

The Combimix will be available from £20,000.


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