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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New 7 furrow mounted plough from Gregoire Besson

Gregoire Besson will unveil a new fully mounted on-land or in-furrow lightweight plough at Cereals. It is suitable for tractors from 180hp to 360hp and is available with 5 to 7 furrows. It has manually variable width from 12 to 20'.

Managing Director of Gregoire Besson said, 'The HRPC7 has been designed to suit a wide range of tractors and soil conditions. Not only are the horsepower requirements relatively low, it can be used on-land for tractors with tracks or larger tyres or it can be used in-furrow for smaller tractors and in wet or heavy conditions.'

The HRPC7 has a 300x150mm chassis and 150x150mm beam and a heavy-duty rated RHAS headstock. It features shearbolt safety and comes with a choice of bodies and skimmers. Further extending the plough's versatility is the offset ram for on-land ploughing which effectively enables a hydraulic front furrow for infurrow ploughing.

The HRPC7 is available from £18,000. Also to be launched at Cereals are the RW8 plough and new Combimix min-till cultivator.

Further information is available from Gregoire Besson on (01778) 590223.


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